we get (high)


Once we hit May 1, I give up blowing out my hair and aggressive air conditioning mandates bringing a hoodie or cardigan everywhere despite the 115 degree foolishness. My beloved coffeemaker gets drained and cleaned before it goes into hibernation because hot coffee in the summertime is just no. However, coffee itself is nonnegotiable. I would rather give up alcohol than caffeine; truth. 

Summertime iced coffee is great because it’s just so easy. You take one large mason jar or thermos, and put maybe 3/4 cup of hot water in. Throw in however much instant coffee or espresso and some Leaner Creamer and mix it all up. Now fill it maybe halfway up with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and toss in a tablespoon or so of vanilla Quest protein powder. Top off with water (leaving room for ice) and give the container a good violent shake. This makes a rich, creamy caffeine delivery system that is filling enough to serve as breakfast for little calories. Or, you can add a donut and not feel awful about it. 


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