live and learn

I thought it might be fun to write about the things I’ve always wanted to try but won’t because of fear of addiction/debt/gross impracticality. Well, that backfired; I test drove the G wagon over the weekend and am obsessed, and ordered samples of pretty much the entire line of May Lindstrom products. They are sitting in my bathroom right now waiting for me. I’m a little frightened. If you don’t hear from me, you’ll know what happened*.

*I’ll be sitting nude in a G wagon rubbing grossly overpriced boutique oils all over my body.

6 thoughts on “live and learn

  1. 2 good things: we get to hear your thoughts on overpriced boutique oils AND usually high expectations regarding skincare seem to end with “oh, this is it? Why did I believe the hype, yet again?”. My last case was fermented skincare, if I’m going to smell like stale beer and don’t see no visual benefits from it I might as well just drink the beers.


      1. It’s all the rage now, due to the SK-II essence. I tried the Missha one and was not blown away. I’m really bad at measuring progress so maybe I’ll notice the difference when I stop using it.


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