My dalliance with May lindstrom (round two)


So, as discussed recently, May Lindstrom’s much hyped powder-to-mousse-just-add-water the Clean Dirt cleanser and the Problem Solver mask will basically wreak havoc on your diet, if you are on one. They smell divine, like baking cinnamon rolls*, and I guarantee any basic bitch worth her salt would go pumpkin-spice-latte nuts over them. They literally made me crave anything combining the holy trinity of sugar, fat, and carbs. The fragrance is so potent, you are very cognizant of it the whole time the product is on your face, which means the entire time you will be mentally rifling your kitchen cabinets for anything that might scratch the itch. It’s basically torture.** Thankfully (?), I found them irritating as well as grossly and exorbitantly overpriced, in addition to being eerily similar to one another, so I feel no compulsion to purchase either one. Once these samples are gone, no más.

Enter the next co-conspirator: the Honey Mud Cleansing Silk, $80. Have you ever had Mexican hot chocolate? It’s a rich blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne against a creamy chocolate base, and it’s basically crack cocaine in a mug. The Honey Mud looks AND smells like Mexican hot chocolate pudding (if there is such a thing) made with sugar and gluten and full-fat dairy products as God would want it. It feels like smearing it on your face is wrong, and maybe there’s something to that. This is a very thick formula that is very aptly named; it’s densely creamy and only slightly sticky — it vaguely reminds me of Eve Lom cleanser in texture.

I have oily skin that is slathered both day and night with an array of layers of product, some of which are also oily and/or occlusive. When I wash my face, I need that shit to come off in one round. I know some people advocate a two-step cleansing process, but SIGH. I just cannot commit to that twice a day, every day. I like to use the Eve Lom cleanser as an adjunct when my skin is irritated, but never as a standalone cleanser — it feels lovely but doesn’t leave one particularly clean feeling. The Honey Mud is, again, similar. It’s luxurious and decadent and may be lovely as a mask in winter when you’re dry, but as an everyday item, it doesn’t meet my needs. Those with dry skin may find it delightful, but Exxon Valdez over here needs something with a little more oomph.

Voilà! I just saved $80 more. Woot, woot!

*I worked at Cinnabon for three months in college. No, I never got sick of the smell. Yes, I got fat. Yes, I still love them. Constantly having to clean mold out of the Mochalatta Chill dispenser weaned me off those pretty quick though.

**I don’t know if I’m PMSing or something because I am hungry enough to gnaw off my own foot today, hence the near panic-level obsession with food. Somehow, I have made it the entire day so far without lying to myfitnesspal, go me! Probably not a good time to discuss products that smell like baked goods and make me drool.

14 thoughts on “My dalliance with May lindstrom (round two)

  1. This doesn’t suit me either, and I have dry, “mature” skin, prone to itchiness and allergies. Both dryness and itchiness exacerbated by the Honey Mud, must be the clay.


    1. Makes sense… clay is generally used as a drying agent as far as I know. The rich texture of the Honey Mud is sort of misleading if you consider that.


    2. Maggie, have you ever tried Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant? I want to try this, but it also contains clay (albeit not as the primary ingredient, I don’t think).


      1. I was just about to comment on your latest post that I think, in every way, the Biologique R products are a much better bet than May’s. I haven’t tried the Masque Vivant, as the day spa in NSW which seems to be the only supplier in Oz, has a limited range, but I think you’d be safe: in my (limited), experience the products are very well formulated and unlikely to irritate. After our discussion on your P50 post I took the plunge & ordered. As it is winter here, my face is itchy and I’m all about the moisture so it’s Creme Dermo RL which smells like celery but works a treat.


          1. Sorry to keep blathering all over your comment thread, but I just read a hint on the Rescue Spa site; they recommend, for sensitive skin, mixing Masque VipO2 with the Masque Vivante, perhaps you could try that.


            1. You’re not blathering. You’re BRAINSTORMING. You’re COLLABORATING.

              I did order the Vivant masque, as well as the Fluide VIP O2, and a travel size Lait VIP O2. I don’t even remember what the Fluide is supposed to do anymore. I get overwhelmed shopping for BR, there’s just so many products and they’re all in damn French.


              1. Ooh, I’d love to hear what you think about the Fluide VIP O2. I haven’t bought any of the serums yet and that one and the Serum YALL O2 are the two I’m most interested in.


  2. This is not a wasted experience. You learned something valuable: Mexican hot chocolate pudding needs to be invented. Future autumn culinary project?

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    1. Well, naturally, I already Googled it in writing this post. It exists. More importantly, so does Mexican hot chocolate ice cream, cocktails, and cake. CAKE! (Because cake >>> pudding, always.)


  3. Oh man… I used to work in a mall, and whenever mid-afternoon drowsiness set in, I’d boot it to Cinnibon, and more often than not, simply buy their frosting by the container. Sadly (but not really), I miss those days.


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