my dalliance with may lindstrom (round three)

 After sampling, sniffing, and dabbling with May Lindstrom’s product line (here and here), it’s time to chat about the oils. I, for one, am happy this is the last post about her; how many times have I typed her name and the MacBook tries to change it to May Windstorm. I am sick of clicking the little “x” to tell it no, because it’s not learning anyway.

To recap, I recently ordered five ML samples from Eco Diva Beauty. I think it is fabulous that a company is willing to sample these products, given that they are quite pricey and not widely distributed. Many kudos to them, although it backfired in my case because I won’t be ordering any of the full size products. The Problem Solver powder-to-mousse mask, The Clean Dirt powder-to-mousse cleanser, and The Honey Mud creme cleanser are remarkably similar to me. They all smell wonderful. They all contain clay. They all managed to irreparably stain white washcloths. They all left my skin dry, tight, and slightly irritated. Given that I have super oily, fairly hardy skin, this was quite a feat.

My last two samples were of The Youth Dew, $120/20 ml and The Good Stuff, $110/100 ml. The Good Stuff is described as a body oil that may by itself cause orgasm when applied. At least, that’s what one might take away from the description (“This total-body elixir will recharge your relationship with your skin. A rich and decadent marriage of cocoa, rose, lavender and ylang-ylang tantalizes your senses while enveloping your every inch in luxurious hydration. Pairing exquisite nourishment from a succulent blend of plant oils with an infusion of translucent golden minerals to release skin from years of dullness and reset your natural vitality for an unprecedented dewy glow.” This person should not be allowed to write.). Basically, it reminds me of really nice cocoa butter oil with a little shimmer in it (which comes from tiny particles of mica). The fragrance is lovely but doesn’t last. The oil itself is midweight, reminding me of almond oil or cocoa butter oil. It gets somewhat absorbed, but slowly — I can’t imagine what it would be like to try to apply a full pump or two, considering I was trying drops at a time. The shimmer is very fine, best visualized in the clear dropper vial the sample came in; I couldn’t discern any shimmer on the skin. Meh.

The Youth Dew, on the other hand, is the only product I would consider purchasing from the entire line. This is a product designed for the face, and is described as a “serum”, which I find wholly misleading given that its ingredient list is a complex mix of oils with some CoQ10 thrown in. Fucked up description aside, this is a lovely product. As in keeping with the rest of the line, it smells fantastic, although, for once, not like food. Its texture is a WIN. I am eternally picky about face oils; I use them only on my cheeks to moisturize and add a little luster, but the texture has to be just so. The product needs to absorb, not just lay there; it needs to add a glow without looking truly oily; it needs to last. For instance, Josie Maran’s argan oil is like motor oil, it’s so thick and sticky. There is no way that is going on my face. Rodin Olio Lusso is heralded as the end-all, be-all of face oils, which I kind of don’t understand. Don’t get me wrong, it literally smells like God, but I feel like it disappears soon after application, but without leaving the residual glow and moisture you’d expect. My very favorite oil is the original Sunday Riley Juno Transformative Lipid Serum— again with the “serum” thing, what gives. (I see they have also released something called Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil, which is different.) Regardless, the original Juno (strangely described as a “dry oil”) is rich and easily absorbed, while leaving the perfect glow behind — no residue, no stickiness. Despite its icky pizza grease smell, it is a HG must have product for me. ML The Youth Dew most closely approximates Juno in texture and appearance on the skin, and gets bonus points for actually smelling good. Juno will run you $125 for 30 ml, or $4.17 per ml. ML The Youth Dew, coming out to $6.00 per ml, remains the pricier option, but is a viable alternative for those wanting to avoid smelling like a pizza street stand.

With that, I saved $460 by spending $10 on samples and not falling prey to the internet hype and seductive claims for the ML line. See? Genius. (I could say I would put that in the G wagon fund, but let’s get real. I just ordered a bunch of Biologique Recherché crap and then the Nordie’s Anniversary Sale happened. Sorry, UPS man.)

One thought on “my dalliance with may lindstrom (round three)

  1. This isn’t May Lindstrom-related so much as in the noted luxury beauty at a bargain vein. I previously mentioned to you Aromatherapy Associates bath oils. This weekend Beauty Bay is having a sale where Aromatherapy Associates products are temporarily drastically reduced. The two big hits of the AA brand, Relax Deep Bath Oil and the Miniature Bath Oil sampler set, are priced respectively $23.20 and $19.50. Normally, they are $59 and $48 at Beauty Bay–and Beauty Bay’s normal prices are lower than Amazon. Plus, you can shave off another 10% with the code SUN10 at checkout. In case you haven’t shopped Beauty Bay before, know that their free international shipping (with orders over $16) can take longer than the estimated 7-10 days. For me, my past order took between 3-4 weeks, which is keeping with other British businesses I’ve patronized. (Besides, I’m fine waiting a few weeks with a luxury item for free shipping.) Just thought this might interest you.


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