The anectdotal observations and opinions expressed herein, no matter how questionable, belong solely to the blog owner unless credited otherwise, and are derived from her individual experience and edu-ma-cation, including many hours spent at Sephora. They do not represent medical advice, accepted scientific facts, or other words of gospel provided by the individual blog owner, her business unit, or site of practice. In fact, the author’s research methods are known to be entirely unscientific in her private life, so take everything she says with a very large grain of salt. You know, you would be silly if you were to accept medical advice over the Internet from a stranger, especially one who pops pimples at home without sterilizing the needle. If you have a lump or a bump or a rash or a growth, or really any other symptom that disrupts your sweet space in homeostasis, please see your personal medical provider as needed. Preferably in person. The blog owner, sadly, receives no compensation for favorable product reviews and has purchased or otherwise obtained said products of her own free will like a true-blooded American. No gifted products are received in exchange for favorable product reviews, because the blog owner is not for sale. 

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